The Vape Cocktail – Mixing eJuices to Get the Best Vape Liquid

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The Vape Cocktail – Mixing eJuices to Get the Best Vape Liquid

Back in the day mixing drinks, and making creative and of course, tasty cocktails was enough to make you a charmer.

But things have changed now. And the new cool is vaping. So, if you want to maintain your cool persona, you need to move ahead from mixing drinks and creating cocktails.

But can you do the same with ejuices?ejuices

Well, the answer to the question is a loud and enthusiastic YES!

Don’t just do this to look and feel cool. Here are some reasons why you should definitely try mixing vape liquids. 

  1. Your experience pallet enhances.
  2. You get more options to choose from.
  3. You can get your desired nicotine content, by mixing two liquids with different nicotine concentrations.

But, before you take two of your favourite flavours and mix them in the wrong way ruining everything, here are some tips to keep in mind –

  • Start small. If you don’t like the new flavour, you won’t have used a lot of quantity of either liquid.
  • Note the ingredients that you use. There is nothing worse than finding the perfect combination and then forgetting what you mixed. So maybe write it down.
  • Stick to the same bases when you are mixing. You are most commonly faced with a choice between vape liquids with vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol base. While the former will give you a thicker liquid, with lesser throat hit, and more cloud. The latter will give you a thinner liquid with a stronger hit and less cloud. 

You can visit the Discount Juice online store to make sure that you get all the base flavours that you can later mix to create your own favourite flavours.

Other than these tips you also need to make sure that you only use the best ejuice onlineto get the perfect experience. 

Some of the flavour combinations that our team at Discount Juice recommends include –

  • Apple + Vanilla = Perfect combo of sweet and savoury
  • Cheesecake + Rum = Excellent sweetness
  • Tobacco +Rum/Bourbon = To bring some old school classic vibe to your smoking experience
  • Strawberry + Vanilla/Chocolate = For the ones who don’t want to miss the cake while vaping
  • Mint + Chocolate = A burst of flavourful freshness

These were some of our favourite combinations. You can find all these basic flavours from our online store.

We stock the best stlth vape pods, e-cigs, vape devices, and more, so that you can have a perfect experience.

When you have explored our online store, and are ready to take your vaping experience to another high with custom made flavours, you can also share those mixes with us.

You can mention in the comment sections what are your favourite custom flavours, and also tag us when you post your cool picture of vaping a unique flavour.

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No matter what you do, don’t let limited flavours limit your experience. Explore, experiment and experience excitement with Discount Juice by your side.