Nicotine: Types and What Nicotine Strength Would be the Best for You?

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Nicotine: Types and What Nicotine Strength Would be the Best for You?

In our previous blog post, we shortly discussed nicotine in ejuices and how it can affect your overall experience. 

And in this blog post, we will further go into detail about nicotine, especially the types and what nicotine strength would be the best for you. 

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Types of Nicotine

So, as a beginner or pro vaper, you might have seen e-juices with high nicotine strength such as 25 mg or 60 mg. And you might have thought that such high nicotine concentration will give a throat burn and it might not be a good idea. 

But let us tell you that e-juices with such high nicotine strength are not made of regular nicotine. Instead, they are made with nicotine salts. And that’s where our two types of nicotine come from. 

  • Nic-salts:

These are protonated nicotine salts that are dissolved in an acid base such as benzoic acid. 

This allows smoothening the throat sensation of nicotine while vaping. Also, this has made it possible to have e-juices with such high nicotine strength. 

  • Regular Nicotine:

This is your regular nicotine that will come in a concentration of up to 18mg/ml or lower. Anything above 18mg/ml has been made with nic-salts. 

Because Nic-salts can give such a high concentration of nicotine strength, they have become ubiquitous in the market. 

Best Nicotine Strength

The Best Nicotine Strength for You

Now, of course, the best nicotine strength depends entirely on your vaping habits but it can be divided based on vapor output. 

But before we move forward, let us tell you that what we are about to describe further are just suggestions. You will have to use your understanding to make the final choice. 

Nicotine strength can be divided into three different categories:

  • Low Vapor Production
  • If you desire to have smoke production just like your usual cigarette, you can choose an ejuice online with regular nicotine strength of 12-24mg/ml or Nic-salts of strength 30-60 mg/ml. 

    Most pod systems on the market will work perfectly with this nicotine strength. 

  • Medium Vapor Production
  • When you want smaller and medium smoke clouds, you can choose e-juices with regular nicotine strength of 6-12 mg/ml or Nic-salts of strength 20-30 mg/ml. 

    All the vaping devices available on the market will work perfectly with this nicotine strength and give you an excellent vaping experience. 

  • High Vapor Production
  • If you want to make big clouds of smoke during vaping, you can choose e-juices with regular nicotine strength or Nic-salts of strength of1.5-6 mg/ml. 

    Now, the drawback is that it is difficult to find nic-salts of such strength. Expert vapers use regular nicotine when they want a high vapor production. 

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